Turtles do not die of old age

Turtles do not die of old age looks at a generation that is disappearing. This film makes us share the life of three old men in the region of northern Morocco. Aged about 80, Chehma, a former fisherman, Erradi a lonely innkeeper and Abdesslam, a street musician, still work for a living.

This feature-length documentary plunges us into the rich and colorful worlds of these old people, at once sad and happy. Turtles do not die of old age illustrates their will to live, their vision of approaching death and their courage to work tirelessly, despite their age.

The words of Chehma, Erradi, Abdesslam go beyond the geographical framework of Morocco and carry us into the universality of a reflection on life, old age and death. A documentary rooted in the daily lives of these men, wrapped in a tender humanity.

Window on courts

“Each experience of beauty, so brief in time while transcending time, restores each time the freshness of the morning of the world. “. This freshness, the Cinema Parallel allows it to enter through its “Window on Shorts”, a selection of quality Canadian short films, signed Pedro Pires

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